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Wilhelmi,JohnPaul(23181808) Prof:Gerstel TA: Jessica Soc. 222 Children Electronic tether With the rapid advancement in technology people are more easily connected than ever. The best example can be seen with college kids and their parents. Text messaging, emailing, and free long distance cell phone plans have made it easier for parents to stay connected with them kids who may be far away at college. It is important for growth into adulthood for adolescents to live and learn on their own but they still need to communicate. Without the parental guidance college kids can develop and learn to make their own discussions. One must learn when going from high school to college to self regulate, because there is no longer as much parental guidance. For Siblings, Inequality Starts at Home Class and family do not make you out to be just like your siblings. It is the differences within families that make up a good part of a person’s individuality .While family history and tragic events play a role in ones personality its more important to see
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