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Wilhelmi,JohnPaul(23181808) Prof:Gerstel TA: Jessica Soc. 222 Overview of Marriage in Contemporary US What do we have to do to keep traditional marriages from failing? To keep traditional marriages from failing we must first create more flexible working places, ensure equality for women, and create affordable childcare. The New Fragility of Marriage, for Better or for Worse Marriage was once thought of as for Better or for Worse. It was marriage based on financial need and political influences that bonded families based on social status. Marriage as of the 18 th century was now based more on love that on finical dependence and political gain. For ancient Roman Catholics they could be considered married without government involvement based solely on both partners agreements. In the last thirty years marriage has changed more than it has in the last thousand years. We can not change marriage for what it is or once was but rather change our expectation and support. Breaking the last Taboo
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