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Wilhelmi,JohnPaul(23181808) Professor: Gerstel TA: Dickson February 21, 2008 “Two Birds within One Nest” What do posts feminist believe is all a woman needs to satisfy all her needs? Post feminist such as Sophia Hawthorne believed that all a woman need is a good marriage to be happy. This story is about Feminist and postfeminsit in the mid to late 19 th Century. Feminist believed that they were greater than any man. Sarah Lewis wrote in 1840 “ The moral world is ours-ours by position , ours by qualification, and ours by very indication by god himself. Postfeminit spread there word and ideas through out the world. In Britain rates of premarital pregnancy fell 50% in the second half of the 19 th century. It was not until the lat 1870’s when premarital birth began to drop for the middle and lower class. The post feminist ideas began to spread mostly through the channels of rich upper class women. The meaning of the house or home has changed vastly from the 19 th century. In the 19 th
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