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Wilhelmi 1 Wilhelmi, JohnPaul En Hua Zhang CHINESE241-Contemp Chinese Lit 7 May 2009 Young Master Gets His Tonic The story “Young Master Gets His Tonic” set during a depression in China, shows the connection between the peasant working class and the upper class through the views of communist writer Wu Zuxiang. This story takes place during the early 1930’s, just after the start of the industrial and modernization movement and after the start of the Chinese Civil War. Zuxiang uses this story of an ironic situation to show how harsh life can be when the gap widens between social classes. Zuxiang blames the Chinese government for the collapse of society. He believes the depression to be a result of China’s connection to western world. In 1928, China started an industrialization and modernization movement with help from the western world just one year after the start of the Chinese Civil war. How ironic is it that the depression would come only a year after this movement and connection with the western world. This was at the end of the War lord era and just after the First World War, which divided China even greater than before. Zuxiang uses his story “Young Master Gets His Tonic” to show the people that the
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Republic of China has failed. The history of China leading up to this story is important because it gives the readers insight as to the turmoil of the time and how greatly divided the country was. Also, one must understand the writer’s Communist position to get a better prospective of his alternate message that the story portrays. The people of China were in a state of great confusion with many political powers fighting for control over the great land. The Communist Party of China was founded in 1921 and fought the National Government of China (Republic of China) led by the Kuomintang. The war lasted thirty years, ending with the control of China being in the hands of the Communist Party. There are two major messages in the story “Young Master gets His Tonic”.
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ymght - Wilhelmi 1 Wilhelmi JohnPaul En Hua Zhang...

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