EE103 HW2

EE103 HW2 - EE103, HW 2, Winter 2009, Prof. S. E. Jacobsen...

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EE103, HW 2, Winter 2009, Prof. S. E. Jacobsen Page 1 / 5 EE103 Applied Numerical Computing, Winter 2009 HW 2 Due: 2/3/2009 Your HW answers must contain your ID, Last Name, First Name, and the number of the Discussion Section in which you are enrolled. Class: The purpose of HWs is absolutely NOT for the mere assignment of grades. The purpose of HW assignments is to engage the student in the process of learning the material of the course and the material that the instructor believes to be instructive. As such, your work should be your own and reflect your effort in the learning process. As a result, you are not to consult the notes, HWs, HW solutions, etc., of other courses or past offerings of this course. Of course, you may discuss the material of this course with other students of this class; however, your work must be your own. Prob 1: Write a MatLab code for the Secant method. Please modify the posted template for this problem, and use the “diary” utility of Matlab. As you know, that utility will allow you to place your code and its output to the diary file; it is a hard copy of that file that you are to submit with your HW. Please follow the format of that template for your secant method. For each iteration, the output should include x k-2 , x k-1 , x k , and f k . The following, not including the secant code, is an example of the interactive input and the output corresponding to the “interest” problem of HW1. Your stopping condition should use the relative difference between two adjacent iterations; you may also include a tolerance with respect to f. Please follow this format, including your name, etc. Apply your secant code to the Archimedes problem of HW1; for the two initial points, use 0.95, 3.0. What do you observe? What does this imply about finding a root of a polynomial that is supposed to be an answer to a practical problem?
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EE103, HW 2, Winter 2009, Prof. S. E. Jacobsen
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EE103 HW2 - EE103, HW 2, Winter 2009, Prof. S. E. Jacobsen...

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