CHAPTER 9 posting - 2 Term of protection 3 Five exclusive...

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CHAPTER 9 Intellectual Property I. Definition and Sources of Protection A. Definition B. The Constitution C. Common law suits for infringement II. Trademarks A. Definition B. Traditional creation –priority of use C. Federal law – the Lanham Act D. Five advantages of trademark registration – p. 222 E. The registration process F. Classifications of trademarks 1. Arbitrary and fanciful 2. Suggestive marks 3. Descriptive marks 4. Generic marks G. Extent of trademark protection\ 1. Harley-Davidson H. Counterfeiting I. Trade dress 1. Definition 2. Samara – secondary meaning J. Other marks 1. Service marks 2. Certification marks K. Trade Names 1. Definition 2. Protected by the common law 3. General rule L. Goodwill 1. Definition 2. Importance as an asset III. Copyright A. Definition B. Copyright Act of 1976 1. Material protected
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Term of protection 3. Five exclusive rights to copyright owner – p. 228 4. Moral right amendment 5. Requirement of originality C. Registration D. Infringement and fair use 1. Definition of fair use 2. Four factors – p. 229 3. The Ross Institute IV. Patents A. Definitions 1. patent 2. process 3. manufacture 4. composition of matter B. Conditions for patent – two C. Advantages and disadvantages of patents D. Reviewing patent cases 1. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals 2. Nystrom V. Trade Secrets A. Definition 1. Restatement 2. Three factors in determining whether information is a trade secret B. Theft of trade secrets 1. Remedy 2. Harvey Barnett C. The Economic Espionage Act of 1996...
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CHAPTER 9 posting - 2 Term of protection 3 Five exclusive...

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