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Unformatted text preview: 1. Issue Number: 14 2. Issue Title: Stopping Illegal Immigration: Should Border Security Come First? 3. List the major points of the YES Argument: To start out the major points of the YES argument, our country has 11 or 12 million illegal aliens among a total immigration population of 35 million. Another point is that the flow of workers from Mexico and elsewhere is unstoppable. 4. List the major points on the NO Argument: The first point of the NO argument is that the American people are right to demand that Congress and the Administration take effective action to restore the rule of law to our nation’s immigration system. Also, immigration policy is fundamentally and constitutionally a matter for the federal government. Another point to consider is that illegal immigration is no longer a niche issue affecting of a handful of gateway states and cities. 5. Briefly summarize in your own words what you understand to be the author’s thesis in the YES argument: The author is saying that the border patrol has become sloppy and that they need to buckle...
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