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week 6 concepts - Week 6 Concepts 1 The public opinion...

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Week 6 Concepts 1. The public opinion about politics is important because it not only directly affects the results of our political events, but it also shapes what kind of country we turn into. How we act politically is shaped by the ways we view our government and our environments. It is also important that our political views and public opinions differ so that we can have diverse looks at different political beliefs. If everyone were to have the same views, nothing would ever change, though there are several aspects of this country’s views that have stayed unchanged since the birth of the United States, and those are our pride and love for the country, our need for freedom, our positivity about our institutions, and the main statement our country was based upon, our rights to equality. 2. Even though these basic values are the same everywhere in our country, the meanings of them differ. While I acknowledged that diversity is good in a country’s beliefs, differing on some issues could lead to a separation of people. Depending on social class,
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