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Concepts chapter 9 - important if certain nuances are...

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Concepts – 1. Congress holds many responsibilities and powers that are important to our government. Without the House and Senate, we would have no organized taxes, no organized money or commerce system, we would lack a postal system, and many other important things that are necessary to the organization of our government and other institutions. Our nation would be so disorganized without Congress. 2. The purpose and importance of committees is to get information and knowledge about certain areas of our government, namely policy and legislation. This is important because it makes decision-making easier with the amount of knowledge they gain. In standing committees, legislation can be approved and sent to the House or Senate to be considered. Joint committees are made up of people from both houses, and special or select committees’ purpose is to study the new areas of legislation, which can be
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Unformatted text preview: important if certain nuances are changed or altered. 3. Congressional staff and agencies are important to our government system because Congress has found a need to match the expertise of the executive branch. This important, because bills can be analyzed, laws can be drafted, speeches written, and position papers are prepared, which is necessary preparations for important steps in our Congress. Once bills are analyzed and laws are drafted, they can be passed. Without analyses and drafts, some laws and bills would either be insufficient or non-existant. 4. Before a bill is passed, it must go through processes, which can either end in creating a law, or having that bill stalled or defeated. The mark-up of a law is important because it sets the exact amendments and language (implications)....
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