CHAPTER EIGHT- - CHAPTER EIGHT 1. In a representative...

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CHAPTER EIGHT 1. In a representative democracy, what is the importance of voting? It forges the essential link between the citizens and their government. 2. Politics is/is not (select one) a matter of concern to most people. It is not, usually. 3. Refer to your answer in number two above. Are the implications of this state of politics in American positive or negative? Explain. They are negative, because the only time people ever really think about politics is around Election day. 4. In the early days of this country, the number of people who were legally allowed to vote was actually quite small. The electorate was initially limited to what group of persons? White males over 21. 5. How did the Fifthteenth Amendment affect the size of the electorate? It outlawed denying the right of citizens to vote on grounds of “race, color, or previous vondition of servitude” 6. Even though the Fifthteenth Amendment was added to the Constitution after the Civil War, most Southern states enacted a system of laws to establish an inferior status for African American, including denying them the right to vote. What was the name of that system of laws? Jim Crow laws. 7. What was the “white primary”, and how did it deny African Americans the right to vote? In the one-party South of the post-Reconstruction era, winning the Democratic primary was equivalent to an election because the general election was nearly always a rout of the disfavored republicans. 8.
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CHAPTER EIGHT- - CHAPTER EIGHT 1. In a representative...

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