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Chapter 7 concepts: 1. Interest groups are important to our political and social worlds because there are so many of them and each one gives a new look into different issues. If there were only a few interest groups or if there were none, we would not have a very good look into what is going on in our society. People would not have ways to identify with other people and nobody would be able to discuss their beliefs, ideas, or values. Thanks to the Freedom of Speech and other parts of the First Amendment, people have the right and privilege to speak out about things they believe or disagree with. These groups also help us identify with a specific political party. 2. Lobbying is an important part of politics. Through lobbying, people and groups can change and influence the ways decisions are made and the end results. Without lobbyists and lobbying, it is possible that our political offices would not be as supported by citizens as they are today. People with such high beliefs and ideas make good lobbyists because
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