chapter 7- - 1. What are interest groups? They are...

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1. What are interest groups? They are associations of people who hold common views and who work together to influence what government does. 2. What are they interested in achieving? Their interest is in a position, benefit, or advantage that they want to protect and perhaps enlarge. 3. Read the excerpt from Federalist Number 10 on page 196. In your own words, what are the points Madison is trying to make there? I could not find this excerpt in my book. 4. Why is America called a pluralist democracy? American society is made up of many different groups, each looking to secure its members’ interests. The principal task of government is therefore one of managing the interplay of group interests. 5. Our text discusses five characteristics of interest groups. List those five characteristics and give a very brief explanation of what each is. Size – the bigger the group, the more effective it is likely to be (more members, more money) Membership procedures – some groups enroll members formally, others rest on a more informal notion of membership in which people just think of themselves as belonging Organization – the success of an interest group in advancing its interests depends on this criteria; a strong network of communication and control can amplify the power of one group, whereas poor internal organization can dissipate the influence of another Connection to politics – the more involved with politics, the bigger opportunity of influence Terms of adherence to views of society – where a group stands in relation to the consensus of American politics has considerable effect on how influential it will be 6. What is the foremost activity in which interest groups engage? The foremost activity is the attempt to influence public opinion. 7.
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chapter 7- - 1. What are interest groups? They are...

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