Lecture 2-25-08 (CH 7)

Lecture 2-25-08 (CH 7) - Wechsler Intelligence Scale for...

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Chapter 7 Lecture – Intelligence Defining Intelligent Behavior Intelligence The capacity to understand, think rationally, and use resources effectively, and the relative degree of that capacity Intelligence tests Developed to determine that capacity Measuring Intelligence – Alfred Binet Devised series of tests to distinguish bright students from dull students and place in correct class Mental Age The average age of individuals who achieve a particular level of performance on a test Chronological age Physical age Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale IQ = MA/CA * 100 Resultant number called one’s Intelligence Quotient – IQ Indicator of one’s ability to achieve in the classroom First Norm-Referenced test – where one stands in comparison to all others of same age who took the test (eg. SAT) Criteria-Referenced test – grade specific to you IQ Tests – Gauging Intelligence – David Weschler Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) – age 17 and above
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Unformatted text preview: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) – Age 16 and below • Verbal scale ♦ Measures mental capacity ♦ Some sub-scales: General knowledge base Comprehension – how to apply knowledge Arithmetic – math ability; distractibility Vocabulary – meaning of words • Performance scale ♦ Measures nonverbal activity tasks ♦ Some sub-scales Picture completion – memory and attention Block design – perceptual organization; relationship of parts to whole Combination of Verbal and Performance scores gives overall I.Q. Meaning of I.Q. Average score – 100 – middle score of all who took test High average – 101-110 Low average – 99-90 Below average – 89-70 Mental Retardation Mild Retardation – IQ Range – 68-55 Moderate Retardation – IQ Range - 54-40 Severe Retardation – IQ Range - 39-25 Profound Retardation - IQ Range – Below 25...
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Lecture 2-25-08 (CH 7) - Wechsler Intelligence Scale for...

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