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PAM 204 Exam #2 Preview Exam #2 is Tuesday, October 30 th in class. You will need a calculator for exam #2. You can’t use your cell phone. Exam #2 will cover the following handouts: Child Support Income Inequality Chapter 18- Taxation in the US Marriage Tax Chapter 19- Tax Burden Payroll Tax Insurance Mandated Benefits Exam #2 will also cover the material from PS #4 and PS #5. I will not ask anything from the Krugman article. Exam #2 will consist of problems, list questions, and multiple choice questions. These are two problems that I will definitely ask: child support assurance program- initially working a positive number of hours child support assurance program- initially not working
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Unformatted text preview: mandated benefit diagram (x>b) mandated benefit diagram (x<b) Lists to know (see other handout) problems with poverty line/poverty rate measurement why do we care about income inequality deductions (from gross income to adjusted gross income) itemized deductions why do we care about the marriage tax rationales for implementing mandated benefit (as opposed to no government action) why mandated benefit preferable to public provision why public provision preferable to mandated benefit why cheaper for firm to purchase HI for worker than for worker to purchase HI on own...
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