psyc 15 - LECTURE 15 Dieting Dieting A change in eating in...

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LECTURE 15 -3/3/09 Dieting Dieting A change in eating in order to lose weight A critical component of all EDs More than 1/4 Americans currently dieting Yoyo dieting Repeated cycles of weight loss and regain o Some chronic dieters admit to this, saying that they sometimes end up  heavier than how they started Changes in metabolic rate? o Overall, less healthy = frequent weight fluctuations for body o Allostasis = hazardous  o INC risk for health problems Health implications? Are Diets effective? Only 5% of dieters keep the weight off for a year How much does hunger have to do with eating?   o Even less when dieting o Some diets = rooted in literature/videos which limits ability judge true  body feelings Dieting can lead to an obsession with food and weight that may backfire Dieting can take all the joy out of eating, leaving one with a chronic “hungry”  feeling
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o Not listening to your body Trying to attain unrealistic goals o Trying to attain way too much way too quickly Capitalistic industries at the root of dieting o Pressure   commercials,  Federal Trade Commission Weight-Loss Advertising:  An Analysis of Current Trends, 2002 o Overall, huge percent increases in diet/health related advertisements
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psyc 15 - LECTURE 15 Dieting Dieting A change in eating in...

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