psyc 2 - LECTURE 3 Cultural Perspectives on Body Image(cont...

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LECTURE 3 – 1/13/09 Cultural Perspectives on Body Image (cont.) Males: The Adonis Complex men desire to be slender, and buff at the same time 0. Pre- vs. post industrial revolution Males used to adorn themselves with frilly, dressy clothes – interested in dressing  elaborate and looking rich o Could not work with the outfits because hazardous work environment (post- industrialism) o Male body unveiled Less interested in clothes, more interested in bodies Transitions in the latter centuries o STUDY: Male’s “body as object” has increased in the media sine the 70’s o Advertisements   level of ad item use (how much the model is seen using  the item Model using item = body as tool Model = nothing to do with item = for aesthetic use o Nudity   proportion of body presented w/o clothing Model w/high nudity = higher “body as object Model w/less nudity = less judging as object o Overall – male perspective/issues changing with time Theories of trends in male body image Feminism and changing gender roles Capitalism Men = now targets for non-masculine products IE: men’s beauty products very popular Anabolic steroids
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Effect just as much as dieting/ED Very harmful – high abuse potential Predictors of Dietary Restraint o BI dissatisfaction = issue among several ethnicities Important for leading to dieting o DIETING = GATEWAY TO MOST ED’s key point Cultural/Evolutionary Perspectives on Eating Overview Physiology is organized to maximize nutritious eating Physiology = the same since dark ages BUT food is DIFFERENT But… we don’t always eat nutritiously today
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psyc 2 - LECTURE 3 Cultural Perspectives on Body Image(cont...

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