psyc 6 - LECTURE 6 AN(contd CAUSES biological...

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LECTURE 6 – 1/27/09 AN (cont’d) CAUSES biological, psychological (perhaps the outward expression of our biology), cultural, and combined BIOLOGICAL Article accurate knowledge of biology can influence the illness; socio- cultural issues VS biological issues. Genetics – personal biology, family histories, twin comparisons o Genes accounted for 58% of variance in twins who had AN So 50% variance genetically o Potentially influential genes: 5-HT2A (serotonin) and BDNF Found changes in the gene w/in people w/AN Also, practical choices because the genes themselves make sense to influence AN (stress/anxiety factors and weight regulation/eating factors) How do we know what PRECEDED (VS caused) an ED? Brain (neuroactive) chemicals o Altered in AN Sero, Norep, Dopa, CRF, insulin, etc. People currently w/AN All these chemicals effect EATING (thru many different methods) o Still abnormal in treated anorexics (recovered) Sero, Dopa, CRF (stress hormone) Indicates that: these are PRIOR effectors to people w/AN
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Therefore still effected even after treatment o Dopa receptors in brain DEC in Dopa = INC in receptors Therefore the DEC Dopa is related to having an altered reward system, different activity levels, other behavioral results PSYCHOLOGICAL biased b/c majority of studies are on AN-R Personality characteristics o Low self-esteem o Perfectionist Classic characteristic for AN-R Very intelligent and good work ethic; organized
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psyc 6 - LECTURE 6 AN(contd CAUSES biological...

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