psyc 11 - LECTURE 11 EDs in Males History Cases reported...

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LECTURE 11 – 2/17/09 ED’s in Males History Cases reported for over 300 years Inherent bias against diagnosis o Amenorrhea In the DSM criteria, but negligible o Testosterone Current Trends INC in prevalence? o INC in male inpatients INC in seeking of treatment? o Both = connected WHY? Emphasis on looks and changing them o Commercial marketing of betterment items If we don’t have this are we not acceptable? INC dieting Redefining masculinity Still gender differences… Bias against diagnosis Stigma
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Compulsive eating = more socially acceptable Different cultural pressures o At first, females = thinness o But now there is a male trend towards super thinness Less dieting Similarities between Males and Females with Eating Disorders Personality traits Body dissatisfaction Distribution w/in ED subtypes Comorbid psychopathology Differences Social pressures o Be bulky or be skinny Weight control methods used o Tend to exercise, tend to restrict o Less likely to vomit, or use diet pills
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psyc 11 - LECTURE 11 EDs in Males History Cases reported...

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