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BICD134 probset2 - Name: Student ID # Problem set 2 (10...

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Student ID # Problem set 2 (10 questions, 40 points) Please use this form to answer the following questions. 1. In no more than two sentences define each of the following concept pairs and the connection between them (3 points each pair, 9 points altogether) Pair 1. morphogen – mesoderm specification in Drosophila Morphogen is a protein that can induce different cell fates depending on its concentration. Mesoderm specification in Drosophila is a process where the ventral-most cells are specified to be mesodermal as a result of high concentrations of the morhogen Dorsal. Pair 2. Maternal mRNAs – nurse cells Maternal mRNAs are mRNAs produced by the mother and transported into the oocyte. Nurse cells are 15 cells that are located adjacent to the oocyte in Drosophila and supply it with maternally produced mRNAs and proteins. Important to mention: Maternal mRNA’sare produced by the mother. Nurse cells are helper cells that provide the Drosophila oocyte with maternally supplied mRNAs. Pair 3. Enhancer – chromatin remodeling Enhancer is a regulatory region of a gene (or regulates transcription of a gene). Chromatin remodeling is a change in chromatin condition that will promote or repress transcription, or make DNA more or less accessible for RNA polymerase. Transcription factors that bind to enhancers can act through chromatin remodeling. 2. You are mating a wild type (+/+) male fly to a homozygous mutant
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BICD134 probset2 - Name: Student ID # Problem set 2 (10...

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