World Civilizations Exam 2 Review

World Civilizations Exam 2 Review - WORLD HISTORY Exam 2...

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WORLD HISTORY Exam 2 Review: -Rulers of the Qin and Han dynasties adopted Legalist principles and imposed centralized imperial rule on all of China. -They ruled through an elaborate bureaucracy and built roads linking various regions of China. -Wanted cultural unity in their realm. -Imposed a common written language and established an educational system based on Confucianism. -The dynasties established a strong precedent for centralized imperial rule. QIN DYNASTY: -Shang Yang and Han Feizi oversaw Legalist policies. -Han dynasty followed Qin example through centralized imperial administration. -Qin state underwent economic, political, and military development. -Shang Yang granted private plots to peasant cultivators, which dramatically boosted agricultural production and weakened economic position of hereditary aristocratic classes. -Qin Shihuangdi = self-proclaimed “First Emperor”…drafted hundreds of thousands of laborers to build precursor to Great Wall of China HAN DYNASTY: -Political stability brought economic prosperity. -High agricultural productivity supported iron and silk industries. -Later Han dynasty experienced deep divisions between rich land owners and poor peasants. -The divisions lead to civil disorder and emergence of political factions, which
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World Civilizations Exam 2 Review - WORLD HISTORY Exam 2...

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