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World Civilizations Notes - WORLD H ISTORY March 6 th ,...

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Unformatted text preview: WORLD H ISTORY March 6 th , 2008 The Division of the Roman Empire: D iocletian-divided empire into two parts: West and East-got rid of senate and became a single ruler. Worshipped as oriental ruler. Citizens pay homage to him. Oriental kinship brought to Roman rulers. Constantine-move capital from Rome to ancient Greek city Byzantiumrenamed Constantinople-legalized Christianity, but did not make it the official religion-accepted communion and last rights on death bed.-legend says he saw a cross in the sky during battle, signaling his victory.-Present day Istanbul = Constantinople-wanted to bring stability to the government-stopped religious persecution of Christians-after his death, empire went into decline, trade was disrupted Theodosius-division empire permanent Fall of the Roman Empire: Barbaric t ribes move to the Roman frontiers: Goths, Alamanni, Saxons, Vandals, and Lombardsempire too huge to rule Agriculture severely affected: tenant farmers lose landsserfdom Commerce, industry, and trade disrupted. Tax collection insufficient Germanic soldiers foederati enter Roman Legions Series of barrack emperors 410Alaric loots Rome. 476Odoacer defeats last Roman emperorends empire. Justinian: Revival Roman Empire: Latin culture blended culture East. Government and army modeled after Roman Codification Roman LawJustinian Code Conquered Vandals North Africa, I talyGothic Wars Caesaropapism : Orthodox church under the power of the emperor. Haggia Sophia Theodora: wife and advisor Geographic Significance of Byzantium: Enormous strategic advantage Situated on defensive peninsula Natural HarborGolden Horn Had potential to control Bosporus A lso offered access to rich lands of Anatolia, SW Asia, and SE Europe. The World of Islam Chapter 11 The Kaba: Shrine in Mecca. Means cube. Shrine Ishmael and Abraham M uhammad From the Clan Hashim-Allah (The God)-Born in Mecca-Holy city of Mecca: Bedouins -Khadija: Muhammads wife Muhammads Beliefs: Quran Holy Book recitations by angel Gabriel Predestination: struggle for the faith. God knows what will happen to you even before you are born. But by the life you lead, you prove whether you are saved or not. Role of Women People of the Book: Jews and Christians Jihad : Struggle in the Path of God Umma : Muslim community. Ulema : person with correct knowledge-Hijrah: Flight to Medina 620 (Yathrib) begins Muslim calendar. Know the Five Pillars of Islam:-Recitation of the Creed: There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet-Daily Prayer facing Mecca-Almsgiving (charity)-Fasting month: Ramadan-Pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime Islam Splits: Sunnis-Traditionalists. Source of faith is the Quran and tradition. Loyalty to community- discouraged interpretation- ijtihad Shia Partisans of Ali-Believed that only Muhammad or his relatives could succeed the Caliphate-Consider Husayn (Battle Karbala) a martyr of the faith prize martyrdom imam...
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World Civilizations Notes - WORLD H ISTORY March 6 th ,...

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