1._Introduction - WELCOME TO BAA 93 & 93D Find out about...

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Find out about yourself! Why do we walk on two legs and not 4? Do you have attached earlobes? Why is your blood type important? Are you a monkey’s aunt/uncle? WELCOME TO BAA 93 & 93D
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3.2-MILLION-YEAR-OLD FOSSIL Will journey endanger Lucy? THE ASSOCIATED PRESS August 23, 2004 HOUSTON - The first-ever public display of Lucy, a 3.2-million-year-old fossil discovered in Ethiopia, is scheduled for Houston in 2006, to the chagrin of some anthropologists who fear the project will harm the partial skeleton. Ethiopia, where Lucy is stored in a museum safe, hopes to encourage tourism and investment in the East African country by offering the treasure to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and for a tour of other U.S. museums. "Nobody is happy about exporting the original Lucy outside of Ethiopia," said Yohannes Haile-Selassie of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. "People think the export might endanger Lucy." The fossil makes up about 40 percent of a skeleton of a woman who died sometime between her 25th and 30th birthdays. She is the "most complete, best-preserved skeleton of any erect-walking human ancestor that has ever been found," according to "Lucy: The Beginnings of Humankind," a book co-written by Donald Johanson, one of her discoverers. The fossil was unearthed at Hadar in 1974. The Houston museum would be responsible for
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1._Introduction - WELCOME TO BAA 93 & 93D Find out about...

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