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BAA outline 1 - Outline for Powerpoint 1/Reading What is...

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Unformatted text preview: Outline for Powerpoint 1/Reading What is Anthropology?-study of humankind-focuses on human culture and evolution of human biology 4 Subfields of Anthropology-cultural-archaeology-physical anthropology-linguistics CULTURAL-all aspects of human behavior-medical-relationship between culture and health-urban-issues of inner cities-economic-distribution of goods and services ARCHAEOLOGY-study of early culture to try to understand human behavior-artifacts left behind answer questions about the society LINGUISTIC-study of the origin of language-use of language is unique to humans-language helps a population understand things around them PHYSICAL-study of human biology and evolution-paleoanthropology-study of evolution using fossil record-primate paleontology-study of primate fossil record-anthropometry-measurement of human body parts-osteometry-measurement of bones-genetics-study of gene structure-primatology-study of living nonhuman primates-osteology-study of skeleton-paleopathology-study of disease in skeletal remains-forensics-applying osteology and paleopathology to legal matters-Sherwood Washburn (1951)-changed view of physical anthropology by looking at function of anatomy rather than just the biological anatomy-did field work in Kenya on baboons to study population genetics...
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BAA outline 1 - Outline for Powerpoint 1/Reading What is...

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