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BAA outline 7 - early archaic H sapiens o Eugene Dubois...

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Outline for Powerpoint 9: Homo erectus Fossils date back to 19 th century (earliest) o In China (Sinanthropus) o In Java (Pithecanthropus) ---island in Indonesia After WW II, all species from both countries combined into H. erectus Pleistocene o “ice age” o H. erectus appeared and then disappeared o Land bridges exposed by formation of new glaciers Seas levels are lower, so land is exposed Caused hominid migrations to occur in this period Morphology o Brain size is larger (900 cc) o Body size larger o Large brow ridges and thick cranial bone o Shovel-shaped incisors---hunters and gatherers? o Skull and jaw much more robust than modern human Fossils found in Africa and Asia o Most important site = Java 1.8-1.6 MYA Ngandong fossils 50, 000- 25, 000 years ago Found in certain part of Java Either H. erectus that survived all of the other colonies or
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Unformatted text preview: early archaic H. sapiens o Eugene Dubois found fossil sites in Java • Fossils found in Peking o Near Zhoukoudian o 40 adults and children found here • Fossils found in E. Africa o Olduvai—skull found by Louis Leakey o Turkana, Kenya almost complete H. erectus skeleton of juvenile male cranial skeleton very modern o Ethiopia—Achulean tools found as well as a H. erectus jaw (1.3 mya) • African vs. Asian H. Erectus o African have thinner cranial bones o Separated by more than a million years Should they be classified as different species? • Tools o Biface---stone carved on both sides, used for scraping, pounding, or digging o Hand axes---found with remains of large animals o Evidence for hunter/gatherer lifestyle and fire use?...
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BAA outline 7 - early archaic H sapiens o Eugene Dubois...

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