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English Thesis Paper

English Thesis Paper - Cosey 1 The portrayal of women in...

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Cosey 1 The portrayal of women in various short stories differs greatly, though certainly realistically. Whether Emily in “A Rose For Emily,” Mrs. Loisel in “The Necklace,” Minnie Foster in “A Jury of Her Peers,” or any of the numerous others, women are depicted with a wide range of character traits. Occasionally they are shallow and predictable, while other times they are intricate, deep, and thoughtful, often leading to unexplainable actions and despicable crimes. The incredibly detailed description of these women causes most readers to associate them with persons they know in their own lives, making the stories read much more believable. By introducing identifiable characters, the authors of these stories invent feasible worlds that increase the reader’s ability to comprehend such aspects as the plot and basic themes. Emily Grierson, the main character in “A Rose for Emily,” seems to be normal enough while growing up. However, her father does everything in his power to brainwash her (women are not necessarily more susceptible to this fate than men are) and shield her from society, which causes her to become more detached from humanity after his death. “When her father passed it was a devastating loss for Emily. Never being able to develope any real relationship with anyone else it was like her world completely crumbled around her.” (1) All she had ever known was what her father taught her, and as she ages, she grows unable to accept change and the progress associated with everyday life. She falls in love with a man, but when she realizes that he will not be around forever, she grotesquely murders him with poison and even goes so far as to sleep with his corpse. Although a gruesome murder has taken place, it is not truly clear as to
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Cosey 2 whether she can be fairly blamed for her actions. A reader could only presumptuously conclude that she knew this was a crime before she committed it. Though the current justice system would certainly not be able to acquit her of such actions, she thought them nothing less than sheer necessity. This story portrays a classic example of an easily
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English Thesis Paper - Cosey 1 The portrayal of women in...

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