Formal Argument

Formal Argument - Few topics worldwide have been as hotly...

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Few topics worldwide have been as hotly debated as that of abortion. The act of abortion has been around for most of known history. Whether for health reasons, lack of sufficient resources to support offspring, or just lack of desire for a baby, abortion has long been a means of disposing of unwanted children. Abortion, also referred to as induced abortion, “is a procedure performed to end a pregnancy before birth occurs¹.” Another form, which is usually accidental, is called “spontaneous,” and is basically a miscarriage, when the fetus or embryo dies inside the uterus. Though the procedure has quite possibly been preformed for thousands of years, the act of abortion still produces many moral qualms. From church rules to states laws to Supreme Court rulings, the subject has been debated unsuccessfully in modern times, with nothing more than temporary resolutions that usually wind up being so unstable more laws must be passed in subsequent months and years. The arguments themselves, both pro and con, are mainly ethical and moral. The antiabortionists warn that destroying a fetus, no matter how developed or underdeveloped, is tantamount to murder. Those on the pro-choice front say have their own evidence for their claims, namely that occasionally unwanted or unexpected children ruin families financially, or at the very least abortion should be tolerated if the mother’s life will be jeopardized during the pregnancy. It is often hard to decisively choose which side of the argument each of us decides to back, especially after hearing all the facts and myths. Both pro-life and pro-choice members have good evidence for their claims. First we’ll discuss the pro-life arguments.
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Formal Argument - Few topics worldwide have been as hotly...

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