lecture1-intro - Lecture 1 Introduction Adrian Perrig...

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1/13/09 1 1 Lecture 1 Introduction Adrian Perrig 18-731: Network Security Spring 2009 2 Administrative Issues (1) ± Instructor: Adrian Perrig, office hour TBA in CIC 2107 ± Co-instructor in Portugal: Nuno Ferreira Neves ± TAs: Chirag Lathia, Sudeep Modi, Ed Schwartz, John Truelove ± Class: TTH in CIC 2101 10:30-11:50am ± Suggested (optional!) textbooks Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practice by Stallings Security and Cooperation in Wireless Networks: Thwarting Malicious and Selfish Behavior in the Age of Ubiquitous Computing by Buttyan and Hubaux ± Contact: [email protected] Please do not send personal email to me unless unavoidable ± Course slides, readings, and homeworks http://sparrow.ece.cmu.edu/group/731-s09/18-731.html http://sparrow.ece.cmu.edu/group/731-s09/syllabus.html contains readings and homeworks Blackboard
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1/13/09 2 3 Administrative Issues (2) ± Grading: 15% Homeworks 15% Small projects 20% Research project 15% Midterm exam 25% Final exam 10% Participation ± Midterm and final exams will be in-class and closed-book ± Late policy The deadline for any assignment can be extended with a 10% penalty per day Assignments will NOT be accepted after 48 hours ± Collaboration Students are encouraged to talk to each other, to the TAs, to the instructor, or to anyone else about any of the assignments. Any assistance, though, must be limited to discussion of the problem and sketching general approaches to a solution. Each student must write out his or her own solutions to the homeworks. Consulting another student's or group's solution is prohibited, and submitted solutions may not be copied from any source. These and any other form of collaboration on assignments constitute cheating. If you have any question about whether some activity would constitute cheating, please feel free to ask. ± Plagiarism Homework should be solved without Google Content copied from any source (e.g., Internet) has to be properly attributed 4 Prerequisites ± Passing grade in 18-630 or 18-730 required! ± Background in C-programming
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lecture1-intro - Lecture 1 Introduction Adrian Perrig...

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