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Broadband for all - Broadband for all Extra credit...

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Broadband for all? – Extra credit assignment (2 sessions) When was the event held? Saturday, October 7 th 2006 in the Arts and Sciences Building in Santa Clara University. Who sponsored the event? Community Technology Foundation of California California Consumer Protection Foundation, and The Center for Science, Technology, and Society of SCU Overview: Local governments are considering to create their own wireless internet network from South San Francisco to Gilroy in order to provide low-cost, if not free, internet service to their communities, focusing mainly in the access to minority, low-income, and disable residents. This issue is of concern to our class as it deals with two concepts of ours: The incorporation of the people to technology and the role of technology in society’s prosperity. Municipal Broadband – Promises and Pitfalls The first half of the session was given by Eric Batongbacal, executive director of regulatory affairs in AT&T. He was there to give the perspective of a business company in the internet business. Representing AT&T, he acknowledged the efforts of the government to improve communities’ access to internet and stated at his company was not against it. He even said his company would like to participate by developing and maintaining such a network. He gave suggestions to the panel of community members and developers to create the municipal broadband on a business model that will create a free service for all. He gave two models: 1. A network based on advertising. This model, they hope, will sustain itself through its sponsors that will publish their ads not as pop-ups, but as a side bar with links. This will create revenue to maintain low costs or no costs to users. 2.
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Broadband for all - Broadband for all Extra credit...

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