Neuroscience Test 2 Chapter 10 vocabulary

Neuroscience Test 2 Chapter 10 vocabulary - Chapter 10...

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Chapter 10 Vocabulary Tumor (neoplasm) -a mass of cells that grows independently of the rest of the body Meningiomas - tumors that grow between the meninges. Encapsulated tumors - tumors that grow within their own membrane Benign tumors - tumors that are surgically removable with little risk of further growth in the body. Infiltrating tumors - tumors that grow diffusely through surrounding tissue. Malignant tumors - tumors that may continue to grow in the body even after attempted surgical removal. Metastatic tumors - tumors that originate in one organ and spread to another. Strokes - sudden-onset cerebrovascular disorders that cause brain damage. Cerebral hemorrhage - bleeding in the brain. Aneurysm - a pathological balloonlike dilation that forms in the wall of a blood vessel at a point where the elasticity of the vessel wall is defective. Congenital - present at birth. Cerebral ischemia -an interruption of the blood supply to an area of the brain; a common cause of medial temporal lobe amnesia. Thrombosis - the blockage of blood flow by a plug (a thrombus) at the site of its formation. Embolism - the blockage of blood flow in a smaller blood vessel by a plug that was formed in a larger blood vessel and carried by the bloodstream to the smaller one. Teriosclerosis - Glutamate - the brain’s most prevalent excitatory neurotransmitter, whose excessive release causes much of the brain damage resulting from cerebral ischemia. NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate) receptors - glutamate receptors that play key roles in the development of stoke-induced brain damage and long-term potentiation at glutaminergic synapses. Contusions
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Neuroscience Test 2 Chapter 10 vocabulary - Chapter 10...

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