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Exam Two Packet

Exam Two Packet - Classical Mythology Exam Two Instructions...

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Unformatted text preview: Classical Mythology Exam Two Instructions CLA 338003, Spring 2007 Scope The exam will cover all reading assignments since the last exam through the end of the Oresteia. We will discuss Odyssey 14 on the Monday before the exam, but there will be no Odyssey questions on exam two. Format The test will be the same basic format as exam one: 30 multiplechoice or true/false questions (1 point each = 30 points) 3 short answer IDs (5 point each = 5 points) 5 map identifications (1 point each = 5 points) Essay (50 points) Possible Essay Topics (1) The Greek mythic hero embodies apotropaic modes of thought. Discuss five mythic stories or scenes which exemplify the above statement. At least two of your examples must involve a hero or mythic character other than Heracles. (2) Within the framework of the warrior ethics espoused by the Iliad, which warrior is "best"? Is it really Achilles? If not, who? Support your answer with reference to lecture and with specific examples from the Iliad. (3) Consider Aeschylus' phrase "wisdom comes through suffering" (pathei mathos). Drawing on our reading and lectures since the last exam, give five mythic examples of this principal and comment on the nature of the wisdom each sufferer learns. (One caution/hint remember that Aeschylus or Homer's concept of "wisdom" is very different from anything you might find in your dictionary). (4) Compare the central hero of the Epic of Gilgamesh and of the Iliad. Discuss at least three key similarities between Gilgamesh's heroic journey and that of Achilles. Discuss two ways in which their journey is distinctly different. Map Locations for Exam Two For this exam you should be able to locate the following on a blank map: Athens Troy Asia Minor Mt. Olympus Sparta Crete Greece Mt. Parnassus Mycenae Peloponnesus Aegean Sea Delphi Names and Terms to Review The 3 IDs will be drawn from this list. Note: this list is not comprehensive. It should not serve as a substitute for careful review of reading, PowerPoint slides, and lecture notes. Achilles Agamemnon Amphytrion apotropaic Achilles' Armor agraphos nomos Andromache Apple of Discord Aegisthus Ajax Anu (aka Eris) Aerope Alcmene Apollo Araru Aeschylus alexkakos apotheosis aristea Page 1 of 2 Astyanax Athena Atreus Aulis Bow of Herakles Briseis Bull of Heaven Calchas Cassandra Castor Cedar Forest Chryseis Chryses chthonic Clissa Clytaemnestra Court of the Areopagus "culture hero" Delphi Delusion (At) Diomedes Electryon Enkidu erinys/erinyes Eurystheus Formula Gilgamesh Glaukos Heinrich Schliemann Hekabe Helen Helenus Heracles Heracles' Labors heroon heros Hippodameia Humbaba Iolaus Iphigenia Ishtar Judgment of Paris Justice (dik) klos Kyknos Laocoon Leda Lesser Ajax lex talionis Lycus Madness (Lyssa) Mashu Mountain Megara Memnon mnis miasma Milman Parry Myrtilus Neoptolemos Nestor Ninsun nomos nostoi Oath of Tyndareus Odysseus Oenomaus palladium Pandarus pathei mathos Patroklos Peleus Pelopeia Peloponnese Pelops Penthesileia phila Philoktetes Phoenix Plyades Polydeuces Polyxena Priam Pythia Rage (Eris) "recognition scene" Sarpedon ScorpionMen Shamash Shame (aids) Shamhat Siduri Sinon Tantalus teichoscopeia themis Thetis Thyestes tim Tyndareus TypeScene Urshanabi Uruk Utanapishtim (w)nax xena Page 2 of 2 Classical Mythology CLA 338003, Spring 2007 Alphabet Soup Anyone? You may have noticed by now that different translators spell names different ways. For example, one says Hektor; another, Hector. The problem, of course, is that the correct spelling of his name is . Given that there is no unanimity among publishers and scholars about transliteration of names, the practical solution is to acquaint yourself with the common substitutions. Close Greek Transliteration Latinized Greek Transliteration Name Endings os us eos eus on um Individual Letters, Letter Combinations k c kh ch b, v b g, y g oi i ae ai ev, eu eu oo ou Examples Ilion = Ilium Menelaos = Menelaus Graiai = Graeae Akhilleus = Achilles Dioscuroi = Dioscuri Antinoos = Antinous Page 1 of 1 ...
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