Lecture 2 - Motion - Lecture 2: Motion Introduction Motion...

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Lecture 2: Motion Introduction Motion – change in the position of an object Two aspects Kinematics – the description of motion Dynamics – the explanation of motion Applied Concepts: Momentum Circular motion Newton's Law of Gravitation The Description of Motion Aspects of Motion Measuring motion = combining position and time measurements Three Critical Concepts Acceleration Velocity Position Vital Distinction – vectors vs. scalars Scalars: ordinary numbers, usual math rules apply ex: distance, speed Vectors: composite objects (magnitude & direction), require special math ex: position, velocity, Motion with constant acceleration importance: simple relationships b/w position, velocity, and acceleration another average velocity equation applications: projectile motion and “free fall” projectile motion, near Earth objects falling from rest – Aristotle vs. Galileo vertical equations vertical distance vertical speed General Projectile motion – compound motion horizontal component Vertical component Dropped versus fired Symmetries: time up = time down, speed up = speed down, same height
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Acceleration: Is velocity changing?? Change in velocity w.r.t time Three possibilities: change in speed speed up/slow down direction unchanged deceleration = neg. change in direction
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Lecture 2 - Motion - Lecture 2: Motion Introduction Motion...

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