Econ 4010 Lecture 16

Econ 4010 Lecture 16 - Contested Exchange Theory Bowles&...

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<Lecture 16> Theories of Firm Economists do not agree on how to conceptualize firms. Different theoretical approaches are used to answer different questions. Neoclassical View Neoclassical Economists Property Right Approach Transaction Cost Theory Evolutionary Theory
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Unformatted text preview: Contested Exchange Theory Bowles & Gintis cf. Geoffrey M. Hodgson, 1988, Economics and Institutions: A Manifesto for a Modern Institutional Economics , Ch. 9 Firms and Markets. (You can view the chapter by downloading and unzipping the file.) 1...
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  • Economics, Transaction cost, Neoclassical economics, Theory of the firm, Evolutionary Theory Contested Exchange Theory Neoclassical Economists, Theory Neoclassical Economists

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