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Unformatted text preview:A new company started production. Job 10 was completed, and Job 20 remains in production. Here is the information from job cost sheets from their first and onlyjobs so far: job 10 Hours Total Cost job 20 Hours Total Cost Direct materials S 765 Direct materials 5 1:15 Direct labor 7'5 1.5?5 Direct labor 113 2.3?3 Manufacturing overhead 60 Manufacturing overhead 90 Total cost $2.400 Total cost $2,603 NOTE: Enter numbers rounded to two decimals (e.g., 107.88 or 80.00). What is the balance in work in process"? What is the balance in the finished goods $ 2400 inventory? lf manufacturing overhead is applied on 3 the basis of direct labor hours, what is the predetermined overhead rate?