Ancient Egypt - HIS 1001 Professor Tansen Sen Assignment#1...

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HIS 1001- Professor Tansen Sen Assignment #1 November 2, 2006 Ancient Egypt Ancient Egyptians thought of themselves as the greatest. Ancient Egypt had dominance over the world in technology and education. Their superiority was shown through many large statues. Pyramids, statues of the pharaoh and the sphinx and their temples all displayed their superiority over other nations. Ancient Egypt had emphasized their superiority through their form of writing and their gods. Three thematically link pieces of artifacts/historic structures that were found, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that showed their emphasis on superiority, are reeds, a statue of a scribe and an obelisk. These three items represented the ability of the Ancient Egyptians in dominating their neighbors. An obelisk is a tall, narrow block of stone with a pyramid shape at the top. The pyramid was often covered in metal to reflect the rays of the sun. The tip of the obelisk represented the land on which the first sunlight fell upon. It was considered to be a mound of relation to the beginning of the world. The Ancient Egyptians believed their land was brought up first by the sun god, Ra, which relates to their superiority over others. Obelisks were usually placed in front of a pylon, along with large statues of the pharaoh. The pylon was a large gate at the front of a temple. The walls of the pylon were decorated with carved and painted scenes of the pharaoh, gods and goddesses. These were all parts of Ancient Egyptian temples that were built during the New Kingdom period. An artifact called the reed was another item that represented Ancient Egypt’s
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Ancient Egypt - HIS 1001 Professor Tansen Sen Assignment#1...

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