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Unformatted text preview: 4002-208 Practice Exam 1 Sample Problem for Part 2 You are to write an entire C++ program to compute the cost of buying a number of movie tickets. The price for a ticket varies depending on the buyer’s age. If the buyer is 62 or older, the buyer is a senior and the cost of each ticket is $6.50. If the buyer is 18 or less, the buyer is a youth and the cost of each ticket is $5.00. Otherwise the cost of each ticket is $8.00. Since the price of tickets changes periodically, write your program to make it easy to change the price. The theater has instituted a minimum age to buy tickets. If the buyer is less than 12, then the tickets cannot be sold. In this case, print a message is printed to indicate the buyer is too young and halt the program. Take a few moments to organize your solution of the back of this page by identifying the inputs, the outputs, and the processing rules to convert the inputs into the outputs. Sample Output Page 1 of 1 ...
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