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208 Lab 04 - Rochester Institute of Technology Golisano...

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Rochester Institute of Technology Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences Department of Information Technology 4002-208 Page 1 of 5 Fall 20081 Name: ____________________________________ 4002-208 Lab 4: switch statement and sentinel loops Exercise 1 – switch statement (2 points) This exercise must be completed during the lab period. 1. In this exercise, you are to write a program to read a letter grade [use char, not string] and determine its “point” value [use int] based on the following table: Grade Points A or a 4 B or b 3 C or c 2 D or d 1 F or f 0 All others 0 After the user enters the grade, print the associated number of points. You must use a switch statement. Note: since you will be using this code in the next two exercises, do not print inside the switch statement. Assign the points to a variable and then print the message with the points after the switch statement.
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Lab 04 Sample Output When your program works correctly, have the instructor or the teaching assistant check your program and initialize the handout below.
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