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The iliad - Overall we all pitched in to help create the...

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Jonathan Shin 4/9/08 613 Ms. Ferreira The Iliad Group Members Sophie Kimberly Jonathan Zachary A summary of what my group did in class is my group made a book. It was kind of hard to get four people to do something for the book because a book only has two parts, the script and the drawings. It was especially hard because we had the first section of the story where Paris’s mother had a dream that Paris will destroy Troy so he was supposed to be killed but his beauty overwhelmed and changed the heart of his killer, Agelaos. The first section was hard because it had the least amount of characters in it.
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Unformatted text preview: Overall, we all pitched in to help create the book. Sophie did the drawings since she was the only one able to draw. Kimberly did most of the script even though she constantly complained. At first I edited her spelling(I should’ve been paid for the amount of corrections I made)and then Kimberly complained so much she stopped working so I did the rest of the script. I’m not exactly sure what Zach did. I think he was doing the written assignment you put up on the board. He also wrote down the supplies we needed....
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