Adventures of King Ching

Adventures of King Ching - Writing April 30, 2006 The...

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Writing April 30, 2006 The Adventures of King Ching and Shun Even as King Ching tried to compete with Shun, Ching had no power whatsoever. Ching finally decided that the only way to beat competition is to become close friends with Shun and learn how he thinks. This way, he can stay close to his enemy. Ching cunningly got Shun to become his greatest friend. Shun, however, was too clever for such a disguise that Ching had put on. Not only did Shun already have many close friends in the outside world, he did not like the way Ching acted. But in order to keep peace on the island, Shun had to act like Ching’s closest friend. Ching was unfortunately not very smart. He had planned to act as Shun’s best friend. However, King Ching kept lying to Shun. Shun knew they were all lies but acted completely oblivious to it. One day, a horrible storm tore up many houses on the island. While King Ching was getting his people to clean it up, Ching accidentally knocked down Shun’s house. Shun became absolutely furious and demanded King Ching to pay for the damages to his house. King Ching promised to pay. Almost a year went by and King Ching had not yet paid Shun the full amount. Shun became very impatient and gathered up fellow Royal Guards, as well as his friends from the outside world. Shun planned to bring King Ching to his knees and give
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Adventures of King Ching - Writing April 30, 2006 The...

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