finalmusicreview - Time is changed to 8:30 100 point exam...

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Time is changed to 8:30 100 point exam like midterm, 8 listening identifying era or country, 8-10 more for from listening, roughly 30% of test is listening. Final Review Sheet MUEL 1832-002 Fall 2008 Terms/Concepts (multiple choice/matching/true-false Classical era—dates, musical characteristics 1750-1815 Melody---short, tuneful, punctuated Homophonic texture Harmony--Directional, functional Rhythms—clear meter, dance rhythms, clear cadences Dynamics—graduated Timbre—birth of modern orchestra, sectional shifting Form—larger scale program music Music associated with a story, music that depicts images, moods, stories, characters, and other nonmusical associations. Instrumental music Movements of a concerto (forms) First Movement Fast Ritornello form Second Movement Slow Aria form Third Movement Fast Rondo form program symphony Symphony music associated with a story, multi movement program music Movements of a symphony 1 st Fast Sonata 2 nd Slow Aria 3 rd Moderate Minuet and Trio 4 th Fast Rondo (or sonata)
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tone poem a one-movement orchestral work based around a program Rondo Musical form consisting of two or more contrasting themes, each followed by the opening theme. Stravinsky—musical characteristics The Rite of Spring Liberation of rhythm Mixed meters Shifting Meters Extensive Syncopation Heavy and unpredictable accents Abrupt shifts (cubist) Bi-tonality Poly-tonality Unusual juxtapositions (cubist) Dissonance at the service of rhythm Dissonance as an expressive tool Simple folk melodies—fragments (cubist) Ostinatos Unusual use of timbre Minuet and trio Stately dance movement in triple meter in aba from. African characteristics/
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finalmusicreview - Time is changed to 8:30 100 point exam...

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