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outsiders point of view - Eng 2150 An Outsider's Point of...

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Eng 2150 An Outsider’s Point of View Outsiders never know what’s going on. Outsiders are unaware of what is being said within a group because, well, they’re outside. The boys outside the train and the adults inside the train are, in a sense, both outsiders. Neither knows what’s going through each other’s minds. If both parties had communicated well, Samuel might not have died. Communication allows people to understand each other. It shows others how one would think in certain situations, or the reasons behind someone doing something. In “Samuel”, there are the boys and the adults. These two groups are both outside and inside of their own group. In “Samuel”, one group of outsiders is all the people on the train, in the two cars that surrounded Samuel and his friends. They are outsiders because they don’t know what’s going on between the boys outside of the train. There was no communication between the adults and the boys so their worlds were separated. The boys have a world of their own. Everything the boys did made sense and saw no fault in their actions. Whatever they did, they had fun with, because the boys didn’t want to get hurt and they made sure they didn’t get hurt while playing around. However, the adults didn’t think in
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outsiders point of view - Eng 2150 An Outsider's Point of...

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