NOTES COMM12 - Radio moving beyond p2p, p2all receptors....

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Radio – moving beyond p2p, p2all receptors. What happens when adapting techs, what society? Now that we participate, now I can be part of a community online. What happens to privacy? Because you’re not physically there, or don’t have the file, I’m protected? Internet messes with it. That’s why we have techs to protect me. Access. It’s have those that know and those that don’t know. Democracy control. Summit. Shapiro Lavine. Internet ideal. Shapiro, yeah it can be good and help. lavine it’s not doing what it should do. Sensorship. Idea who’s going to control and how is it going to control. Ethics. Soukup. Rethink about pmail and email. We can’t say it’s the same. It people can’t participate, then make them available. Things we can do to control access. P3p, buffer between us and the world and policies to make it happen. Television is allowing to see private behaviors. Radio went from hobby to commercial. Corporates say want to control thus FCC Sensorship who is it control and how they’re going to get access Social problems in the 19 th century. Douglas. Radio. How the wire to the wireless. The idea that now the US is changing. Economy is opening, after war. We see results of industrial movement.
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NOTES COMM12 - Radio moving beyond p2p, p2all receptors....

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