Outline of Bivariate paper

Outline of Bivariate paper - T-test People who received the...

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Intro o Purpose of survey o Why is it interesting/important Methodology o Describe the study’s method o Main demographics (gender, age, religion, income) o Principal measures (behavior, ideals, politics, media, etc) Univariate o Few areas of focus (media, behavior, political view) w/results Q14 – Impossible to have a good marriage today? QC2 – Cell phone usage ATTEND – Attend religions services o One new scale combining responses to another set of variables that are common RQ47all – Frequency of usage in comm. technology o Summarize using “frequencies” from SPSS and include % and measures Bivariate o 4 hypothesis People with at least some college education will be more open-minded and positive about issues in society than people without college degrees IV – QEDU DV– Q59 IV – RQEDU DV – RQ59all T-test People with a GED or less will be more likely to get involved in inappropriate behavior than those with some college education. IV – QEDU DV– Q60 IV – RQEDU DV- RQ60all
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Unformatted text preview: T-test People who received the right attention as children are less likely to have tattoos, piercing, or dyed their hair unconventionally than those who got too much or too little IV Q15 DV Q49 IV RQ15 DV - Q49 Chi-Square Women are more likely to want to be leaders in their communities than males IV GEN DV Q12 IV GEN DV RQ12leader Chi-Square o 2 or 3 via chi square o At least one of either T-test or ANOVA o Use at least 2 different IVs o Use 4 different DVs o State rationale for each hypothesis o Describe recordings o Report for each test statistic, the DFs, and level of significance o Supported or not supported? o Additional o Questions on two topics to enhance survey o Minimum 10 new qs Conclusion o Draw few conclusion remarks o Resumarize in brief o Implications in the findings? o The final 2 or 3 paragraphs, assess internal and external validity in the study Appendices...
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Outline of Bivariate paper - T-test People who received the...

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