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Organizational Culture 1 Organizational Culture Shekitta Ferrell University of Phoenix
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Organizational Culture 2 Organizational Culture In the business world today, there are many different elements that are applied each day when working in an organization. Organizational culture and behavior are common factors in a productive business. The diversity which is apparent to an organization can cause different outlooks and approaches on certain situations. Learning to communicate is a vital and essential in reaching common goals and objectives. There are business ethics that are applied to organizational structures to ensure that the companies visions are being meet by employees and the consumers. Overall, there are many different organizational factors that can affect a business. Organizational Culture and Behavior An organizational behavior involves the actions of individuals and their resistance. It is also groups in an organizational context. There are many different behaviors that may occur when working in an organization. Resistance is a type of behavior that rejects rules and guidelines that may be set before an individual. Depending on the organization, certain behaviors may be tolerable while others may be considered inappropriate. There are many times when an organization has flourished, because of the wonderful organizational culture and
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Organizational Culture - Organizational Culture 1...

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