chapter 5 nut - Chapter 5 Fat refers to the class of...

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Chapter 5 Fat refers to the class of nutrients known as Lipids Lipid Family triglycerides (fats and Oils) phospholipids Sterols triglycerides= contain 1 molecule of glycerol and 3 fatty acids * Triglycerides: 95% lipids in food, glycerol + 3 fatty acids (methyl, acid end) fatty acids may be saturated or unsaturated (monounsaturated or polyunsaturated) Special importance are the polyunsaturated next to the OMEGA 3 fatty acids Fatty acids is organic and it's a chain of carbon atoms w/hydrogens attached – vinegar taste * Fatty acids - short chain: up to 6 carbons (dairy, butter, coconut oil) - medium chain: 8-10 (dairy, butter, coconut oil) - long chain: >12 (meats/fish/vegetable oils) *Saturation: - saturated: all carbons in fatty acid chain are saturated with H atoms, form single bonds, know sources - monounsaturated: contains 1 C=C double bond, loss of hydrogen atoms, know sources - polyunsaturated: contains at least 2 or more double bonds in carbon chain, know sources Ex. monounsaturated: olive oil and canola oil polyunsaturated: vegetable oils, vegetable oils, corn, sunflower, and soy. Trans-fatty acids – fatty acids with hydrogens on opposite sides of the double bond. cis-fatty acids – has its hydrogens on the same side of the double bond. Cis molecules fold back into a U like formation. Trans/ Cis fatty acids * cis configuration of unsaturated fatty acids: naturally occurring spatial orientation of unsaturated fats * trans configuration of unsaturated fatty acids: produced by artificial process of hydrogenating vegetable oils Phospholipids act as emulsifiers ( ex. to mix fats with water in such products as mayonnaise and candy bars) * Phospholipids - acts as emulsifier (fat digestion-bile, fat transport-lipoprotein, constituent cell o membranes - richest sources: eggs, liver, soybeans, wheat germ, peanuts
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chapter 5 nut - Chapter 5 Fat refers to the class of...

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