Review Exam 2 - The relationship of language and thought...

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HDF 313 EXAM II REVIEW (Speranza) Perceptual development: Sensation and perception; Intermodal perception Cognitive development- Constructivism Genetic epistemology Name and define Piaget's four stages of cognitive development (types of reasoning) What is an operation? Characteristics of the preoperational period Symbolic thought Animism Egocentrism Centration Characteristics of the concrete operational period decentration conservation logic The processes of cognitive development according to Piaget: schema assimilation accommodation equilibration (equilibrium/disequilibrium) Criticism of Piaget Characteristics of Vygotsky's theory The role of culture The role of language
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Unformatted text preview: The relationship of language and thought Private speech ZPD The role of pretend play Information-processing characteristics memory strategies metacognition Criticism of information-processing Language: How is language universally human? What are the parts of the rule system? Phonology Morphology Syntax Semantics Pragmatics How does language develop? Biological influences Sociocultural influences Ages and stages Reading/writing Moral Development Moral reasoning Piaget: Heteronomous morality; Autonomous morality Lawrence Kohlberg (stages) Criticism Moral feelings - Carol Gilligan: Care Perspective Moral behavior- Sphere of concern...
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Review Exam 2 - The relationship of language and thought...

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