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Birthdays(fall08) - Older Afternoon Darby Olivia Spencer...

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Birthdays Younger Morning Older Morning Jack – 10/09/04 James-10/21/03 Melissa-2/2/05 Ellis- 12/7/03 Will-3/16/05 Kelly-5/29/04 Ryan-5/25/05 Malcolm-6/16/04 Jacob-2/21/05 Dakota-11/24/03 Kiegan-7/12/05 Rebecca-6/15/04 Nicholas-10/15/04 Colin-10/27/03 Camille-6/20/05 Drew-11/24/03 David-10/16/04 Charlie-3/15/04 James-6/4/05 Gregory-12/18/03 Kaitlin-1/5/05 Katherine-9/23/03 Mia-10/9/04 Isabel-5/20/04 Jayna-3/23/05 Charli R. -9/17/03 Audrey-10/7/04 Samantha-11/3/03 Gabriel- 4/15/05 Will-1/12/04 Elizabeth-8/31/04 Younger Afternoon
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Unformatted text preview: Older Afternoon Darby-12/10/04 Olivia-10/27/03 Spencer-12/10/04 Luciano-4/1/04 Nathan-5/19/05 Taylor-3/11/04 Effie-5/3/05 Michael-4/1/07 Mariela-4/9/05 Kate- 1/30/04 Tiago-4/12/05 Christina-4/9/04 Trent-9/1/05 Noah-10/26/03 Jocelyn-9/19/04 Wren-8/13/04 Alexander-6/21/05 Zoe-8/18/04 Zachary-12/17/04 Abram-8/10/04 Isabella-6/30/05 Tripp-8/14/04 Kiki-11/5/04 Alexandra-5/7/04 Braden-4/6/05 Catherine-5/7/04 Mason-4/6/05 Max-4/7/04 Allie- 1/28/05 Zoe-5/1/04...
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  • Fall '07
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  • Charli Delaney, Katherine-9/23/03 Isabel-5/20/04 Charli, Jayna-3/23/05 Audrey-10/7/04 Gabriel, Melissa-2/2/05 Will-3/16/05 Ryan-5/25/05, Jacob-2/21/05 Kiegan-7/12/05 Nicholas-10/15/04, Camille-6/20/05 David-10/16/04 James-6/4/05

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