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ex3 revfall08 - Important milestones Self-understanding at...

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HDF 313 EXAM III REVIEW Speranza Emotional Development What aspects of emotional development are genetic? Carrol Izard Common and/or appropriate parental response The Attachment relationship Theoretical framework and basis Definition Bowlby Ainsworth Strange situation parent/child behaviors per categories Internal working model Longitudinal research Erik Erikson’s theory Personality/Identity Development Socialization/Individuation: define Characteristics of different ages
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Unformatted text preview: Important milestones Self-understanding at different ages Attitudes toward human differences Self-concept categories Ways to improve self-concept Peer relationships Definition Characteristics of early childhood friendships Social Cognition (perspective-taking, social information processing, social knowledge) Harry Stack Sullivan The benefits of play and friendship Social competence Peer acceptance as related to social cognition and social problem-solving Sociometrics remedial training...
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