Soc Comp by Peer Accept

Soc Comp by Peer Accept - Includes others in Social play...

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Social Competence by Peer Acceptance Status Peer Acceptance Status Popular w/ peers [socially competent] Neglected by peers Rejected by peers Characterist ics of Communication  Skills Clearly indicates to whom speaking Flexible initiations Responds appropriately, contingently Conversational Attentive to others Direct equally when in groups Adapt to interests of group when entering ongoing play Flexible play themes Unclear to whom they are speaking Indirect initiations when entering ongoing play Inflexible initiations Inappropriate initiations or responses: Physical, irrelevant, or noncontingent Ignores others; unaware Calls attention to self Focuses on one child in a group No adaptation to match play Limited repertoire Characteristics of Social Orientation [prosocial] Empathetic: Caring, interested in others Able to understand emotional expression of others and emotional situations
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Unformatted text preview: Includes others in Social play Regulates emotions, controls impulses Helps others Comforts Shares Approaches others with positive manner: pleasant, friendly, positive facial expression Polite [asocial] Uneasy Watches Plays alone Withdraws from initiations of others [antisocial] Misinterprets emotions Excludes others from play Impulsively aggressive if don’t get what want or someone makes them angry Initiates, approaches, responds to others with negative affect Hostile towards others Characteristics of Social When faced with a dispute or conflicting ideas: Gives a reason for rejecting another’s idea Suggests an alternative _______________________ Withdraws from conflict _________________________ Flatly says “No” to another’s idea without offering a reason or an alternative suggestion Problem-solving Behavior...
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Soc Comp by Peer Accept - Includes others in Social play...

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