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Review Optional Final Speranza HDF 313 Fall 2008 Exam 1: Scientific Method Theories: continuous/discontinuous Ecological Ethological Adaptation Attachment Psychoanalytic Erikson Research design: Cross-sectional Longitudinal Cross-cultural Correlational approach Research methods: Experimental: benefits/disadvantages Observational: benefits/disadvantages Prenatal Development: Periods Exam 2: Cognitive Contructivism Piaget- Characteristics of stage The process: assimilation/accommodation, equilibration Contrast between Vygotsky and Piaget Language- babbling Exam 3: Temperament; definition, categories Attachment : Characteristics of healthy attachment system How quality assessed Longterm effects Definition of internal working model
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Unformatted text preview: Personality development Self-understanding : How does it relate to personality development? How it is different at different ages Emergence of the sense of self Social emotions When, what, what does it mean, how is it tested Improving self-concept Peers: Harry Stack Sullivan Exam 4: Moral development Piaget: Peers Logic Middle childhood Adolescence identity status James Marcia (crisis) Gender development: Gender role orientation Gender constancy Gender role intensification Families and Parenting: Parenting styles Parenting adolescence Parent stress/child stress Child maltreatment Building resilience...
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