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1st midterm - outline

1st midterm - outline - Lecture#1 o Elements of Romanticism...

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Lecture #1 o Elements of Romanticism Ideal and importance of nature and beauty Imagination and emotions over reason Love is union with universe Romantic self is alone and dependant on himself to find meaning of truth Yearning for spiritual and beyond daily existent Idolizing the isolated artist-genius Democratic character Nationalism Idealizing women Lecture #2 o Romanticism Started in Berlin, Germany “Storm-and-Stress” (Sturm and Drang) Main composers: Goethe and Schiller Immanuel Kant Rousseau, Swiss – Father of romantic sensibility. Composer. o Foundations (philosophical) Beyond earthly existence there is a higher truth All has been created by God All things are part of truth, the whole, and each other Truth is viewed in infinite variety All has common origin, so viewing one leads to viewing it all The less spoiled one is, the less it deviates from natural state, the more it embodies truth
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